Site Amenities

Job sites don’t have to be hot, dirty, miserable places.

Let SFG’s on-site amenities bring a little comfort to the day for your crews. Don’t worry about providing water, portable toilets, or other necessities. We’ve got everything you need to make the hot work a little cooler.

Cool Down Trailers

There is no question, solar construction is hot work. Solar arrays are designed to soak up the sun, which means your crews have to experience the heat when they build them. Our on-site cooling stations are solar powered, self-sufficient, easily movable from location to location and 10-15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Your workers can get out of the sun and cool off, ensuring happier, more productive employees.

Water & Ice

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Just throw some ice and water in a cooler and you’re done. But when the heat is beating down on a solar construction project, the water goes fast. Don’t spend your time running back and forth to the store to ensure a steady stream of ice-cold water for your crew. SFG has the solutions you need to ensure the icy-cold water is flowing all day at your job site. Water and ice are sold by the pallet, and the ice box is provided.

Portable Toilets

We know, it’s not a glamorous topic, but there’s no getting around it, everyone will need a toilet at some point during the day. Rather than worrying about the logistics of having them delivered, where to put them, cleaning them, call SFG and we will handle that for you. Our custom solutions for job site Johns will keep your crews happy.

Our Clients

  • IEA Constructors
  • Signal Energy Constructors
  • First Solar
  • Blattner Energy
  • McCarthy Building Companies
  • Pike
  • Moss Construction
  • OCI
  • RPCS
  • Fusion Mechanical
  • Blue Ridge Power
  • LPL Solar